Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hello good afternoon. The waves are kinda small and the offshore wind is perfect, so the high tide have friendly waves really good for playing in the water with no fear of a big sets break in front of you. There are four peaks working and the last day every sunset were so beautiful. It is a chilling day with nice waves. Check it out.

The chairs in the beach club are in one good place for been checking the waves, relax and the closer bar with delicious cocktail is just ten meters away!!!. Sound like a dream vacations?

The tropical water is here until December. So surfing in boardshorts without wetsuit feel so good and been in a barrels so much better.

Ever surfing with friends? Sharing waves and just celebrating the fact the have a good wave? Remember that feeling? Truth that feels so good.

The waves are two feet, but take you time to check the forecast for the week of twenty eight of May and the next seven days!!!! WOW.

There are two time to surf in the morning and in the afternoon, because the two tides and in both times the water is glassing because the wind is dropping to five knots per hour. The sand bank really good, so imagine this right but double overhead.

When D-LITE is surfing water becomes scrambled, because he is breaking the glassing of water. Ok this is a little of the action today. Check the forecast for the next big swell and start making plan to surf that monster. Armando Lopez is out.