Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 21, 2005

New swell today!!! We started off the morning with slightly overhead sets and by this afternoon, it was pumping solid double overhead. The winds were light offshore and perfect all day long. Here is an empty from this morning...

After a few days in Nicaragua, Shlek was starting to get his legs under him. This is why we call him

...and of course, every time I looked up, Roque was getting barreled.

The waves came up so much, we grabbed a few friends and decided to check this new spot that seemed like it might work on a big swell...and it was firing! ...at least until my leash broke and my board washed up on the rocks. (TG, if you are reading this, please make me a new 6'3'') Here is Oliver picking off a big one...

Here is our friend Sven from Sweden connecting through to the inside. Nice one Sven! As far as we know, this place has never been surfed before, so we are going to call it