Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 18, 2020

Welcome back to a nice and slow Saturday from Nicaragua. This weekend will be pretty mellow as far as the waves go, getting some real good swell again next week. Wait wait don't leave yet, scroll through to see a few waves and some spectacular wildlife shots

Hot Carl will charge double overhead outer reef but doesn't need to feel the danger in order to have fun.

Today was a good day to take out a wavestorm or any kind of foamie and share some party waves with your friends.

Felt like George of the Jungle shooting this angle.. "Watch out for that tree!!!!"

John walking the nose hanging five with effortless style.

Koji and Yuji out there having a splash battle in between waves.

Rasta board sesh feeling irie

Today would be a great day to work on board transfers or handstands, any fun ridiculous stuff you would never try when the surf gets big unless you're JOB.

Okay time for a neat nature walk, a Neature walk?

There is a reason why the community is named Hacienda Iguana. Here is the largest Iguana I have seen in the 6 weeks I've been here. He was like 4 foot long.

Not sure what kind of bird this is but I do know he was not happy about the iguana climbing this tree. He was squawking and even dive bombing the iguana.

Eventually the iguana was fed up and started moving. I decided I'd look elsewhere as well.

Caught this guy having a little lunch break.

Until I got caught watching and felt rude, okay okay I'll let your buddy eat in peace.

The bird was looking over at something, I looked that way and saw my spirit animal.

Advice from a Sloth: Take your time. Get a grip on things. Relax often. Hang out a lot. Get plenty of sleep. Let things roll off you. Use the bathroom facing down. Remember, It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop. Love you all! Until next time.