Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 17, 2021

Everything is starting to come together for the start of the surf season here in Nica. Look around and soak it in, the beauty of nature. The swell has been hitting and the waves have had a few windows throughout the day where it's just back to back to back dreamy waves. Come check out the 9am-10am window this morning.

Some of the waves were tubing this morning but there were some more open faces too with rampy sections.

Doan doing his thing out front smacking lips and launching airs.

Koji riding high on a frothy green room hallway hustle.

Yeah Doan!! Going hard out there.

Liam has been scoring more and more everyday frothing hard out there with the local grom pack.

Look at how dreamy that looks! Light offshore winds in the morning make for real good glassy looking tube shots like this one here.

Mateo dropping in on this blue dream wave like he always does so well.

Look who I saw out in the water.. Baldo!! Yeah buddy stay scoring out there my dude.

Okay guys and gals thanks for checking out the report today it is such a pleasure to make the surf report when the waves are nice like this. Good thing the forecast looks super consistent for the rest of the month so we will stay scoring here in dream land. Book your ticket today and come join us out here 'tis the season to get back out in the world and do the things you truly want to do. Adios amigos see ya soon.