Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hello and welcome to the weeken surf report. The high tide is almost about noon and this is the time for surf. The sets are bringing some overhead waves with nice shape. Check it out.

This right it is shaping for a rip current in this part of the beach. Also there is a sandbank helping to have a great condition in the corner of this wave.

There are three peaks working again. Here is the peak in the south with some left rolling with good size. I think just ten people were in the water surfing in the morning.

Always there are a ripper in the beach and this surfer here was the man today. The most of the surfers in the line up are learning and just a few are riding the wave properly.

The waves keep breaking soft and the sets are bringing two waves in every serie. Normally the second wave is the best for ride.

With small size, but with a good distance all the way to the beach, here is the peak in the north. I see just a surfer taking that wave.

Every peak have his time for show up a good rifle. The waves conditions don't exchange too much the last day, so this is probably who will be the average of the waves for the next few days.

The sideshore wind is bad for the waves, because not there are tubes, but if you like to fishing, I hear some of the fishing boat are catching yellow fins Tuna.

Well, my friends. Some sundays are calm. This looks like a day for relax. So see you tomorrow in another surf report. We go to check the breaks in the north, so check the report. Armando Lopez is out.