Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hey guys, I hope all are well and thank you for tuning in once again for a fun glassy day here in Nicaragua.  The waves were running waist to head high with great conditions all morning long.  Plenty of barrels to had and the water was nice and warm.  Check it out.

Lets get right to the action with a sick sequence of Lester standing tall in one.  Not much to say that I haven't said before,,, THIS KID RIPS!!!!!
Shot 1,


SHOT 3   Driving!!!!

SHOT 4,  Deep at this point,

SHOT 5  Looking for the exit,,

Last shot, how glassy is that little nug?  There were quite a few shots in between but I think you get the picture.  Nice one my friend.

Mateo was on it as well this morning pulling in all over the place.

SHOT 3  Putting on the brakes.

There were some sweet ones coming through folks!!!

And some thick ones too!!!!

There were a few good lefts out there as well but the right was the call.  Lester all over it.

I went back down in the afternoon and from the looks of it it's Toña time.  I hope you have enjoyed the report for today.  I will be on it early to see if we have some more pits.  The swell is on the rise over the next few days so stay tuned.  D-Lite singing off.  Cheers.