Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hello party people. We have good waves all day. The water temperature is warm, perfect offshore wind and the best sets were overhead. What more we can ask for? Three peaks were working. Check it out.

Kevin was all over the place killing the waves. Some barrels and sick airs. Check the next shot.

Kevin is one of the best surfer in Nicaragua and he has a great future ahead. He just need a brand to sponsor him.

Carlitos Perez know this wave better than anyone . He know the exact position to paddle the waves and here is the perspective what he see when he it is taking the wave.

We were about twenty five people in the water in the moment we surf and every body were dispersed in all this peaks. Check the long lines in the north peak.

I live here for around three years and I never will boring to be here looking this ecene.

I say the waves were good all day!!!! This is how look in the afternoon. Here is josh surfing the in the high tide. The left were better in the afternoon.

Here is Nachito in this tube. He's so glad to used his favorite color in his t shirt.

Ok. Amigos. It is the last day of Jeremy in Nica Land and he get the wave of his trip today. So we want to say goodbye and see you later. Armando Lopez is out.