Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, April 14, 2006

This is Roberto with the surf report and spanish class for today. It's about chest to head high on sets out here at Maderas, the wind is offshore and the water is chilly.

We got chicks everywhere on the beach today.

Remenber everywhere.

Here is Rex.

This is Kambute going right at Machete pt.

We still have some chicks to show up.

Ok, here is the deal. Would you like to drink the Victoria beer or you'd like to take the Victoria girl?

This is Corage taking a nice left.

This is Augusto on the shoulder.

TODAY'S SPANISH CLASS!! Hoy yo estube compartiendo con esta bonita chica el sentimiento de tomar algunas fotos. Today I was sharing with this pretty girl the feeling to take some picture.

Here is Roque getting aiiiir. Do you see any fish on the bottom? Nice buddy. Check back tomorrow.

...meanwhile, back on Corn Island. The water is crystal clear over hear and we ended up spearfishing every day. It was insane - I saw so many fish every time I got in: sharks, giant tarpon, spotted rays, barracuda, giant mackerel and big snapper. The latter two were the bounty for today.