Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 13, 2015

Hello everybody. The small swell in combination of light offshore wind made this kind of pretty waves. The high tide was going out when a window of two hours have lefts and rights working. The set are overhead and come every ten minutes. Some of the medium size waves are fun too. Are around twenty people in the line up, but like the last few days, not to many people get the best waves.

The first photo shows you the left. Now check out this right.

Hey friends. What come to your mind when you see this wave? For me it is a perfect place to spend my vacation. Imagine you just come today to this beach. Start pull out your surfboard of the board bag and start walking to the beach and the first wave crossing in front of you it is this one!!!!!!!

The Beach Club has some new members. We have a bunch of turtles coming to the beach every year and the babies just start hatching everywhere. Everyone woke up early to see this beautiful event of natural life.

 Look at the first encounter with the ocean in the life of this champion. If is a male I hope he cross the oceans like a reproductive machine of turtles. If it is a female, she will come back in seven years to the beach where she was born.

This is the medium sized waves. Here is Mateo getting another shack. He have a sick barrel in front of me and my buddy D-LITE in the moment we were paddle out.

This two guys here were spending a great time looking the action. They were sit down in the chairs of the Beach Club. Imagine the feeling to see all this waves crossing in front of you. I run to waxing my surfboard.

Mateo again, snapping the corner of this left.

Katie came back......Nooooooooo. After this wave she fell like the female champion of the ASP and she will never stop talking about it.

Ok. Primos. Good afternoon and make sure to check the surf report tomorrow. The swell should stay the same for the next couple of days, so we will be sure to keep our eyes on it!!!!! Armando and D-lite are out.