Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello and welcome to another week of the surf report. We wake up early to see if the new swell is arriving. Of Course there are more energy coming to the beach compared with yesterday. There are some waves breaking outside occasionally, but nothing big. There were a small crew in the water, they were dispersed in the three peaks. Check it out.

The waves are fun, but not are to strong, so the surfer were ponping for get speed and made some tricks. The color of the water and the glassing was really nice.


The first man in the water was Mr. John Gillan. He probably woke up around five in the morning, he wax his surfboard and paddle out before the sun come up.

Well, we have a saying in Nicaragua = ( El que madruga, come pechuga ). That mean, who wake up early get the best and today was true. Mr. John ride the best waves in the morning.

Not there are many tubes rolling today, but here are some of the surfer trying to fit in this little shack. The good time to surf start to be in the morning, so everybody wake up early tomorrow.

Here are some of the tricks of the crew. This group of seniors were ripping today. I was enjoying to see they surf skill.

Check it out, is true. They probably are happy to have the waves for them self without the locals, because the locals never wake up early.

Some waves in the sets start to appear in the line up. That mean for tomorrow this wave could be overhead easily.

Here is another intent to be in the tube. He was too deep in this one. The waves tried to open, but not have the perfect size for do it.

I see a lot of styling in the surfers. There are some of the surfers using the longboards and they were walking and making cuts with smooth movement.

The dry season is passing for the harder part. The birds are singing for bring the rain. Here is a Zanate looking the sky and watching the clouds waiting for a drop of rain.

Here is another turn in this tiny right. There are more perfect waves rolling today comparing with the average of yesterday.

Mr. John ride long lefts and rights in the morning. He probably will feel super happy the rest of the day after his morning surf session. The offshore wind is strong right now and the tide is low, so the waves don't look great.

This visitor ride some good waves too. The surfers were using more the central peak in front the NSR beach house, but there are two more peaks having waves.

Check. Here is the peak in the north having a left working better than the right.

And here is another left, with not body there. Well, the swell will be stronger and stronger every day until the sunday. So we see you in the water. Armando Lopez is out.