Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 11, 2011

We have an early report from down south in Nicaragua.  The waves were definitely smaller than the last few days, but there were still many fun little nuggets rolling in.  Waist to chest high on sets, that’s we had but the winds were super nice.  Check it out!!!

There were lefts and right coming in all over the place, and the lineup was pretty mellow.  Nice set of lefts right out front.

Did we say lefts and rights?  Sick right handers rolling all the way in to the beach.

Quite a few local guys made it out this morning and they were ripping.  Felipe “El pipe” Chompipe is caught here with his signature move.

Baldo “El Comelon” made it out on his big super panga and had a good time on it.  Here he is finding himself into a small but fun little cover section.

El Tuzo Morales took a ride with us to the beach and was able to pick up some fun ones.  What are you looking up my friend? 

The last shot goes to Jeremy from Canada working on his backside style on this snap.  Borrador and El Gallito Claudio (Justin Beaver) should be posting a couple pics from up north later, so stay tuned with us.

Hey everybody.  Here's a quick wave check from up the coast a ways.  The size has dropped off quite a bit,  but still a great day to paddle out and get wet.  Looking down the beach, D-Lite noticed an empty wave rolling smoothly down the beach.

After seeing that mystery peak, we walked down to get a better look.  Gustavo had seen this wave before us and was out havin' a good time.  Here he is with a stylish backside cutback.

Gustavo wasn't alone at this spot.  Greg from SouthAfrica was ripping up these little waves.  He was pulling off some good turns out here...and he didn't have to worry about sharing these waves with 20 foot great white sharks!  That's our wave check from up here, we'll be here tomorrow and we hope you'll check us out again.  Stay smooth and take it easy!