Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, April 11, 2008

Hi folks, we are Jairo and Roberto with the surf report from out here up north. Today the swell is starting the build and we caught a lot of good ones. It's solid overhead on sets, the wind is offshore and we have a couple of friends out there having a good time. Check it out.

Today the 2 brothers were out charging and representing their hometown very well. Here is Todd "El Patotas" with a pretty cool shot smacking the lip.

Here is Borracho Berth going left representing "La Nasa" with his brother. These 2 guys have enjoyed so much his trip down here in Nicaragua with the NSR crew.

Hi guys, i'm Tonny Longobuco from Jacksonville Fl with the interview of the day. I've been down here in Nicaragua for almost 3 years and i love so much this coutry. My favorite beach is Santana because it's always more fun to play in your own backyard with your neighbords and friends.

Today we have a lot of surfers out there flying all over the place. This time we have Junior "La Juliana" Martinez with a sick bottom turn on a nice wave.

Mario "El Danino" Martinez was doing his thing too as always, ripping it up. Here he is with a nice snap showing everybody who the king is at this spot.

Let's start the aerials show with Matt from the US with a sick backside move. This guy knows how to do it. Check you out buddy, you are on NSR with a sick shot by Come Pan!!!

Here is the "Killer Wave" from Fl with a sick aerial maneuver too. These guys came down here to Nicaragua to score some good waves and share with the local surfers.

Alright guys, this is Julio "El Panson" Mairena showing us that the locals can do the best thing and even better than others good surfers around the world. Lucha and Come Pan out!!!

Alright, Pancho here with a little bonus coverage of today. We'd like to give a big shout-out to our bud "Backside Mike" in town from SF, CA. Here he is, staying true to his name.

Man, it was fun out there today...and there were some big barrels to be had. This is Luke from NJ showing everybody how much easier it is to surf without the 4/3!

This is what happens when you back-paddle one of the regulars at his favorite wave. I know it's getting more crowded out there but you still have to surf with some etiquette...unless you like this view!

Big Boy, Little Tube. 'nuff said.

Look Ma, I can Fly! Backside Mike hits the eject button.

This is Ryan from Gigante, high lining a nice left hander. That's all the bonus coverage for today - Pancho OUT!