Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hey everybody, I hope you have a good day. We are waiting a big swell for the next week, but right now the offshore wind and waves don't looks amazing. A few surfers were out wishing for lucky. Check it out.

when the tide is coming up the locals and the visitors have a meeting in the line up. Everybody GO SURF!!!!!.

Was hard to pick up a perfect wave because the sideshore wind was affecting the shape of the waves. But here are some of the tricks of the crew.

Always is a dare paddle out and surf, but today was harder. Well, I know in some place in the world this conditions of wind swell could be a good day for surf.

Even for the semi pro surfer Michael, was hard to keep the valence. He like to drink salt water, this is why he fell head first.

Oscar Espinosa was the ripper in the water. Here is the view of the small left rolling today.

We have world class wave in this beach when there is a big swell in the ocean, but we even have a flat day for people have a relax day walking in the water.

I think every surfer need to have a long board in his quiver of surfboard. Days like today is the best option for have fun.

This beach is soo nice for made a lot of different activities. Here is gymnastic demonstration of a cartwheel.

One of the best think about the surf life, is to have a girl friend and the girl friend like to see you surf. That make you feel like a hero.

Here is John Springfields throwing a lot of water, even when he isn't try to push hard. Looks like he will be a big man, able to make a powerful cuts.

A group of friends from San Francisco California are here helping to the local school and waiting for a amazing swell. Was good to share a beer with my buddies. Welcome again.

Every wave was breaking in the inside. The waves the waves were only a feet high, so no was any set surprising to the crew.

Ok. Primos. We are waiting the first waves of the swell to hit the beach before the sunset, So check tomorrow the surf report to see if the waves arrived. See you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.