Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lucha Libre is back with our daily surf report.  The waves were super fun this morning, over head on the bigger sets, the winds were nice offshore and the water was nice and fresh.  Check out the lineup!

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The lineup was a little busy today but everybody was pretty mellow.  Unknown rider going deep in the flats with a sick bottom turn on this right hander.

I did not hike any mountain today but I walked around to get some different angles.  Do you guys like this view?

The Buzz took his huge panga out and he was having a blast out there.  Smiling for the water housing on this one!

Mostly everyone was going right today, because the lefts were barely working.  Even the inside section was open up on the rights!

This ripper surfer was the only one going shredding up on the few lefts we had rolling in.  Blasting fins out with a sweet frontside turn!

The lineup was busy, as I said before but there were still some nice bumps coming in with no chargers.  Who wants to get shack?

Jorge made it down and scored the barrel of the day, once again.  We caught a 20 shots sequence on this one, too many to post.  Shot 1, dropping in!

Shot 2, setting up to get into the green little room!

Shot 3, taking a nap in the room!

Shot 4, now we know how you claim your barrels bro!

First light in the morning, we had some sick ones to be taken.  If you happened to be out there today let us know because we might have the photo of your trip.

This guy was ripping all over, as you can see.  He was also all over the rights down the beach.  Check him out going big with an awesome backside floater.

That’s all for today folks, please check back tomorrow.