Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hi folks, it's Lucha Libre reporting from out here up north reporting from one of my favorite spots in Nicaragua. It's still small but there are a couple of good and fun sets coming in today. It's running about chest to shoulder high on sets, the wind is offshore and the water is warm. Check it out.

Today we found little Waylan "El Fideito" Dangla taking a couple of good ones. Here he comes getting into a small but sweet little shack. Nice one Wayland!!!

Yeahh folks, all the little kids were out surfing by themself for a couple of hours today at this spot and they were taking advantage. Here is Larry "Carita de Venado" Davila about to get barrel until "El Freaky" Dangla went right in front of him. Check him out ladies!!!

Sr. Rex "La Bestia" Calderon was out showing us how to do it into little barrels like this one. This little kid is improving his level surfing so fast and he'll probably is going to be the guy to represent Nicaragua in International Contest pretty soon.

This is Todd "El Patotas" with a pretty cool snap right after the sunset this evening. This guy is so stoked because we are getting some swell for the next few days and he's ready to charge some bigger set waves with his brother.

Alright folks, Lucha Libre out. Come Pan will be later with you from down town.

Hi everybody, it's Jairo "Come Pan" with the surf report today. I made it out on the beach with a group of cute girls from Georgia. these girls deceded to take their first surf lessons with NSR staff. Check it out.

Oliver Solis was out there, this time teaching these girls how to learn to surf. Here he is showing these girls how to do it.

These girls were so excited out there with their first surf lessons. This is Ruthanne riding a nice one of many that she got today.

Her friends having a lot of good time and trying to ride a nice ones here is Preethi showing her friend how the thing to do.

This is gray trying to do something different than her friends, this girl was having fun out there and sharing a good time with her friends. Here she is riding a nice wave on her knee. Nice job girls you made it on NSR.

Hi everybody my name is Kathanna Siegmund I am from Freburg Germany, I've been here in Nicaragua about 2 years. My favorite beach is Maderas because it was the first beach where I learned how to surf and i had so much fun. Also i found a lot of my good local friends by the way in Maderas I found my lovely boyfriend and always we have a great time on the beach each other. Thank for that words.

This is the last shot of the day. Please Check back tomorrow. Jairo out.