Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hi and welcome to the surf report for, as I said yesterday today is the big day. We have good conditions and I don't know how big It is but is big, the wind is light offshore and the surfos are so happy. We had a couple of guy making the tow in and they had so fun out there.

Today I have many shots to post but but no many things to say, It's incredible. Let's start with a beatiful shot of JJ.

Here are the wipe outs of the day. I don't know this guy but he wanted to made it on NSR, no matters the prize.

Here is Roberth from Popoyo, he's around 50's and still charging.

Here comes JJ, that's happend when you drop in later.

Carlos Caliente paddled out and as I hoped he felt better with the wave. He is so exited to surf it again.

Here is Manuel from Argentina with one of the big barrels of the day. I think this is the wave of the day, shot 1.

Shot 2, big bottom turn.

Shot 3, pulling into the green room.

SHot 4, Keep going.

Shot 5, Are you kidding me? Ohh my good!!

Shot 6, safe and completing the big one with a spit, no way.

Shot 7, he is one of the best surfos in that wave.

Oliver EL MONITO Solis was out representing NIcaragua, and he got a nice barrel too. Shot 1.

Shot 2, looking for it.

Shot 3, yeahhh dude the Nica boys can surf too.

Shot 4, behind the curtain.

Shot 5, yeahhh he made it.

Shot 6, celebrating his barrel of the day.

These guys almost die today, next time you have to be more carful.



Here is JJ with another cool shot.

Here is Manuel with another barrel, he made it but there are too many shots to post, so here is one of the best one.

Check back tomorrow.