Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 10, 2006

We've still got some pumping swell in Nicaragua today - there are waves everywhere. It's overhead on sets and the wind is light offshore. We started out in the morning at about 5:45 am and found Jantana surfing some thick ones all by himself.

Did we say there were some thick ones? Check out how far this thing is sucking and throwing onto the reef.

Sooner or later, it's going to catch up with you. ...as Jantana found out on this one.

The sun came out and Jantana traded in his board for a Nikon. He got some great shots of the FL crew.

Here is Skip, taking the highline.

Skip again. (you really should be trying to pull into these Skip)

Costa Rica was represented again. This is Ian, working on the backside attack.

One more shot of Ian and a big thanks to Jantana for sending in these shots!

The wind stayed offshore all day and we surfed until we couldn't move our arms...again. It was still pretty thick for the sunset session. Guess what, there's more swell on tap for tomorrow too. See you then.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - I got to hold a baby Puma (it's the same species as the Mountain Lion in Cali) I know they are pretty dangerous when they grow up, but this guy was too cute.