Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 09, 2020

Welcome all on this beautiful Thursday morning and first day of Passover. Let us feast on some wave pics.

Starting right off the bat with a mystery surfer barrel shot. Hmmm.. who was out on the bright yellow board this morning?

Answer - scroll through to find out

There have only been a handful of surfers max out at any given time this season as the health crisis has shut down most travel. Needless to say the locals are getting so many waves that inevitably there are a few every session that go untapped.

Buzz making sure there aren't too many of those untapped waves out there.

John is another local guy that can be counted on to be out nice and early for the dawn patrol session, pulling into set waves out the back like the experienced surfer he is.

Buzz and John were trading takeoffs with eachother for about an hour or so this morning before the tide started getting a bit low.

It's such a blessing to have an open beach to enjoy, I wouldn't have believed you a month ago if you told me that the beach here would be one of the few open to enjoy in the world.

Yet it is one of the few open to enjoy, and as such the opportunity is not being spoiled by those of us lucky enough to call this beautiful place home.

When the bigger swells come through they really do a nice job to set the sandbar up and the result is beautiful peelers.

I've been living down here for a bit over a month now and the consistency of the waves has really been something. Can you believe that the season is just starting? So Psyched

Almost as Psyched as this family taking the baby down to the beach for his first little baby steps. Way to go Grom!! Soon he'll be cross-stepping to the nose and hanging those toes.

I cruised down to the other side of the beach after seeing some white caps from the distance. So nice when there are more waves in the set then are surfers in the lineup.

Rob was one of the three guys out at Panga for the morning session. Need something to watch in quarantine today.. how about the classic 80's film "¡Three Amigos!"

Jeff is another local guy getting his wave quota fulfilled for the day.

Thanks for stopping by for the daily surf report, time to hit the path back home and get some of those housekeeping chores done. Oh who am I kidding, it's time to hit the golf course and work on breaking 80!! Make sure to swing by (no pun intended) and see what gems Brian Scott @nicasurfshots is able to procure for your Good Friday viewing pleasure. Yeeeew

Mystery Surfer reveal: Ryan Cook