Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter is over but the waves keep coming.  This morning we got blessed with a new SSW groundswell producing shoulder to a bit overhead surf for better Nicaragua spots this Monday, though we should see some bigger sets develop through the day.  Check out the lineup!!!

Lefts and rights were going off this morning and we were there to prove it.  Just another day in PARADISE!!!

Did I say lefts and rights?  Lots of empty waves were rolling in before 5 guys paddled out and scored some of it!

Mason from Cal is caught here charging in this deep barrel section.  Nice view from up there, uh!

Reed also from Cal was charging on his frontside.  Closed-up shot just to change the angles a little bit!

Was I talking about angles?  I was playing a little bit out there with my BABE, and It worked out pretty well.  I believe so!!!

The sequence of the day goes to Jorge from Spain, he said he's been surfing a few times at Mundaka and I can see why.  Just keep and eye on him!!!

Shot 2, late droppin'!!!

Shot 3, setting up to get into the green room!

Shot 4, he has to love that view, uh!

Shot 5, going through the first section!

Shot 6, getting deeper! 

Shot 7, oh there he is!

Shot 8, charging the second section!

Shot 9, god lord!!!

Shot 10, was it sick?  What you guys think?

We got this cool pic snapped by Tony of the same wave from a different view.  Tony has been taking photos around quite a bit and he is doing good with the camera.

Shot 11, wide open arms the whole time he was in there.  Just image how open that wave was!

I guess that is the way how he claims it.  Amazing wave Jorge!!!

One last shot sent in from Tony.  This time he took his water housing out and he took some cool ones.  How about getting a nice water shot right in the barrel?  That could be you if you are heading down here.  If you happen to be around and wants to get some water shots concact tonyzphotos!!!  Gracias Tony!

The lefts were holding up pretty good as well and Andy was there to score some of the better ones.  He's obviosly on it the whole day because he's staying at the NSR Beach House.

As I said before the lineup was not busy at all, so we had many waves with no takers. Caveman Carl didn't make it out there today, 'cause he was working hard as always!

Alright folks, guess what?  This was Lucha Libre here with the Monday Surf report and hope to see you all out there tomorrow!  Peace!!!