Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 08, 2021

Hello and good day to all the surf fans around the world. We are between swells and so we will be enjoying some playful fun small sized waves the next few days. Good thing the water feels like it is warming up and the wind is laying down a bit.

Perfect day to take a surf lesson or enjoy the beach with the family and soak in some of this warm Nica sun.

Brett sliding in to this one with style as he opts to Luge this one!

Zack always finding some waves when he is out there too.

Rick saw some of the action that was taking place and ran over to get some water shots. Look at that heel click yeah dudey!

Oh yeah you know Rick has a knack for finding the prime time spot to shoot from in the water.

Alex taking a day to enjoy our wave here at Colorado, even on small days it has such a nice shape.

Jeison laying down a turn or two for your viewing pleasure. Yeah dude!

Ya sabes Jeison tendra dos fotos porque es dos cadenaz jaja

Yeah buddy! May not be big but still feels good to squeeze into the green room for morning moment.

Yeeee! Little tubos all over the place this morning.

Checking over the shoulder before paddling in is always recommended.

Then go ahead and paddle into that thing and have fun. What are you waiting for? Yeah you! The flights are operating.. Liberia in Costa Rica is the cheaper option at the moment and it's fairly easy to cross the border into Nica and back. We can help you with that process so what are you delaying for. We got swell coming next week, most people are working from home.. we got Internet! Book your trip and this could be you! Yeeeeew! Adios amigos see ya soon.