Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 07, 2016

Hello primos. This is Armando Lopez with the surf report. What happened today?. Well, the offshore wind is a little strong and the waves were soft, but there are some lines entertaining to the surfers in the line up. Check it out.

This is how look the ocean today. There are a few people in the water. The waves calm down after the swell we have a few days ago.

The longboarders are happy riding some of the small waves. Now is easy to catch the waves and come back to the line up really quick.

Liss was in the water catching this friendly waves. The water is a little cold and the color is nice. Is so refreshing be in the water.

There is a right also rolling with good shape. Here is this surfer follow this wave to see if he get a place for a trick.

Yeaaappp!!! this is the version of a air.....Probably you don't think this is a perfect air, but he think was s awesome air.

Well, we not were surfing because today is the second birthday party of Arya. This is one of the most important event in the year. Everybody was ready for have fun. Check Arya is preparing the playground.

Well, the kids were playing and eating ice cream. We were having a war of water balon. I think we enjoy the party more than the kids, because for a half hour the water balon were crossing the garden exploiting in the face and the back of everybody. Even Seth( Arya father) don't escape. Here is Linsey( Arya mother ) refreshing to Seth.

We have a buffet of a delicious cake and ice cream. I put every kind of candies in my ice cream of chocolate and vanilla. Auuu Mmm.

We are super stoked with the party. When we have something like this, we are happy of see all our friends of this community, playing with the babe.

The surf was fun and the visitors have the beach for himself. Even the locals are out the water today.

Aaaaaaa poor Oscar, he is working for first time in his life. He was most the time swimming in the pool and a few minutes sit down thinking about the waves.

Ho ho Mrs. Jen, you are in the crosshairs of the children. I think they think to attack you with the water balloons and there are three ready.

Thanks everybody for check the surf report. Here is Augustine the common enemy, we all were versus him. Have a good day and see you tomorrow primos. Armando Lopez is out.