Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Hola primos and welcome back to the surf report in southern Nicaragua! This is NSR and Parker showing you today's shots of our backyard. Check it out!!

We are in between swells right now so the waves are pretty small but still fun. Chucoyo was all over it during his lunch break!

Todd from Tola was spending a family and friend day hanging out on the beach. For Todd, chillin is inside the tube.

We want to welcome back a long time NSR guest, Ian Masaway! He is an OG visitor here and is super close with Lesther and Carlos.

Last time he visited, he came with the whole crew. This time was a solo mission to hang with the boys and maximize his water time.

Ian doesn't need much to feel settled in. A hangout with the local hombres, a tube, and a rippable corner will suffice.

Lesther went for a surf with Ian. Despite the small size, he always goes out and enjoys his lunchbreak.

Whether it's a five second barrel or riding the entire wave out, he gets the longest sickest rides. Maybe being a buck thirty helps too...

Lesther is starting to get a good handle on his air game. He easily nails the small tricks and is working on the larger airs.

We are stoked to see the sandbars getting in good shape this early in the season. Hopefully it keeps getting better! Gracias El Nino!!

I'm not sure who is the better barrel rider: Lesther or Carlos. Today, Carlos was tucking into the small nuggets.

For local standards, today isn't a great surf day (especially after having waves for a week straight). We will rest, play in the Scramble, or have a couple drinks at the Beach Club with our friends.

On the other hand, Naomi's charger is getting ready for big things!! It's a beautiful clear day so spend some time with your family.

The conditions will stay similar to today for a few days. Our next swell is coming in one week so keep your fingers crossed!

If you are coming soon, don't worry! There are still fun waves to be had, head dips to tuck into, and corners to smash!

Ask Eduardo, he is one of our guests. He's been stoked on the recent conditions so he extended his trip!

Chucoyo recently broke his legendary green machine. Thankfully, a couple of our owners hooked him up with a sick Vega. He's back in his happy place blasting the lip with style.

It's always good to see Carlos back in the water. He's all smiles, joking around, and looking for a good fun time.

Bam!! Nice turn, Carlos!

Take out a longboard later today at this beachie or Horseshoes. Catch a couple rollers, watch the sunset, or enjoy a few Tonas on the beach.

Ok chicos, I'm gonna take a log and go enjoy my lunch break. Hit it while the tide is high. Thank you for checking out today's report! Adios amigos!!