Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Hola amigos que paso?! This is Parker logging in with Humpday’s morning shots. For a down day, the waves were still fun so check out our photos!

Close to low tide, I checked out the reef to see what was happening. I found long glassy lines marching to the beach. Some parts of the wave spilled over for a quick cover up section.

Come on, it’s been a nonstop tube fest for the last few days!! You gotta change it up and get some turns in. Then, you’ll be ready for the fresh waves this weekend.

Pablo Mejia, the CMO of the EMHEC, is back in town. He’s an owner of one of our Villas Iguana units. If you’re planning a strike mission with a couple guys, check out his affordable (yet newly redesigned) condo: http://www.surfnsr.com/nicaragua-vacation-rentals/144980

All eyes on Roger this morning! This hombre knows this wave so well so he was positioned for every set. That’s also a big reason why he’s an officer on the EMHEC…

You are positioned well when you see Jay Leno’s chin but you’re positioned even better when you see Buddah. The CPSO and CSO are doing things right: patiently wait for the outsiders, share the peak, and enjoy the long ride all the way in (and enjoy that paddle back out just as much!). Good stuff this morning guys!!

The other guys out there were trying to figure out this wave. In this instance, all you need to do is turn and burn!!!! Both of those nice rights slipped through untouched…

The winds have been a bit uncharacteristic for the start of the month. The past few days were normal: hot, zero wind, and possible variable afternoon breezes. Yesterday and today have been consistent offshore flow with side shore in the afternoon. Maybe the rain is coming sooner than we think???

Today is the down day of the week. We had a really fun mini swell through the weekend and we should have another pulse to ring in this weekend. Yes that’s right, a down day is still about head high down here.

Be careful taking off deep on this wave… Getting stuck behind a wall of detonating white water isn’t advised. Especially when sets have eight waves in them… Buchon learned this the hard way.

While we’re on that topic, the late take offs are tough here too. Don’t worry, it’s plenty deep-even on low tide.

I talked to Alexander this morning and he was stoked to go for a dive. He said the fishing is about to turn on so he wanted to see what was out there. As the winds lighten up, hit us up about fishing charters.

Ok, making turns on long lines is fun, no doubt about it, but you need to get a few tubes too! It was exactly mid tide so I wanted to see what the beach break was offering.

And, to be honest, it wasn’t offering much. I hung out for about 30 minutes with Lesther and Humberto and we didn’t see many great waves come through. One guy, though, did slip into the pocket on this one.

I kept my fingers crossed but the winds were a little off for the afternoon session. Although Nicaragua has the most consistent offshore winds, mornings are still your best bet! The breakfast burrito are Pili’s Kitchen is probably your second best bet.

Or, your best bet is to finish your work, hop in the Wednesday golf scramble, or play some volleyball. That’s all I have for you folks today! Thank you for checking out today’s report and let’s keep an eye on the ocean through the weekend. Parker is out!!