Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 04, 2020

Hello all you Self-Quarantiners and Social Distancing friends and family. Welcome to another beautiful day in Nica-Land, the waves were down a bit today, perfect for the whole family.

Jennifer was out catching a bunch of waves down at Panga today.

Scott can always be counted on for some quality shots, not sure if this wave was smaller then the last or if Big Scott's size just makes the same wave size look small. :p

Robin out shredding as usual, putting that thing on rail!

Bianca on another one. (DJ Khaled voice) Another one. When there are only a few people out and you can get all the waves your heart desires.. welcome to Nicaragua.

Climbing the whitewater to get back in the pocket, I love the symmetry of brother and sister pumping to generate the speed.. the race is on!

The water was so clear today I could see straight to the bottom with ease, and it was pleasantly warm too.

Simon Cox from Briny showing off some rewards for the courageous who repel the norm to pursue a life soaked by the ocean's offerings. Check out his site at www.briny.com for some awesome gear and a sweet collection of videos and articles in the blog.

Hayden was pretty stoked on the catches of the day as well. I know who to hit up for fresh fish this weekend :D

Bianca on another nice right, her dad was telling me how proud he was of her willingness to charge waves and how her ability has been steadily rising. Keep it up! Stay Psyched!!

Robin showing some more of that rail to rail game, I love seeing the younger people excelling. When I was his age I was stuck in front of the television playing PS4 all day, goes without saying that the skills he is acquiring out in the water are healthier and way cooler. Soo stoked!!

Do I see some airs in his future? I'm no psychic but I think a blind man can see that's the way he is heading.

The water was so magnificent today, here is Trip on a nice steep drop charging it on his Black Box

Got a nice shot of his younger brother Hargett out in this beautiful warm Nica water.

Poppa Drake showing the young men that surfing isn't just for the youngins, it was so fun to be surrounded by a group so supportive of eachother. Each time someone caught a wave the beach would erupt with the hoots and hollers you love to hear, serious stoke session.

Kim was popping up and catching almost every wave she would paddle for, only a matter of time before she is charging overhead waves out back!!

Natalie in the foreground throwing double shakas for the party wave her and Neila were sharing.

Neila taking off down the line on this one, don't look back now but there is an upside down tombstone takeoff.. oh the humanity!!

Out the back Trip hitting the lip and preparing for a fat floater or frontside ollie vertical flight.

Stephanie giving a big wave to the peanut gallery gathered on the beach. Such a fun way to spend a Saturday, surrounded by friends and family having fun in the sun.

JT coming in to take a quick break, grab some water and get back out there broski!

Overheard the girls complimenting Hargett on his smoothness in the water. Keep it up young buck, trust me when I say the girls love a tan surfer boy :p

The feeling that you get after exerting yourself in the ocean and catching a few is almost impossible to get any other way, look at the smile on Kim's face after just an hour in the water. Idk how many times I've gone down to surf in a "funk" or just to clear the mind, it always seemed to put me in flow state which would lead to the clearing of the mind and a subsequent happiness and appreciation for the beauty of nature and put things in perspective.

Smiles all around, remember that this life is the one you get don't forget to live it. I know Stephanie and her girls are living their best lives.

I know right now it's tough to "live your best life" as everyone's world has been turned upside down. Take these next few weeks or maybe months to decide what you want your "normal life" to be once the world returns to the everyday grind. The entire world has basically hit the pause button, now is the time to evaluate, educate, and make a plan for when the game of life starts back up. "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." - Twain  
Find your new life here, the water is warm.