Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Hello everybody, welcome to the daily surf report. Is true the said (after the storm comes the calm.). Here is a calm Ocean. A little of side shore wind and the water is a little cold. Some waves were two feet . After a big swell our body hurt a little, so is a perfect time to do others activities. Here is some of the thing the people do. Check it out.

The people choose to paddle out to surf, have one peak with lefts and rights. The left keep short and the rights a little longer.

After surf waves triple overhead my friend Gorge don't want to surf small waves. He is listen his new favorite song for charging big waves. WAITING FOR THE NEXT SWELL BRO!!!!!

This surfer was going left and right. He always was finding the way to juicing up the waves. He look like the new ripper for this week.

ASI ES!!!!!! He is fast in this tiny wave.

I think the name of the shape of this surfboard is "The Scorpion" is like a long board but more short and maneuverable, really flat. This surfer was getting a lot of wave really easy.

I saw far away the shadow of those people. I took the photo because I thought they were a foragide. From the Sahara desert.

But in the end was this beautiful group of person having a great horseback ride before the sunset. What I can to say?!!!!!!


This man may be is a professional jumping of the Olympic pool. Here he is enjoying the ocean.

This is better.... going left.   : )

The average for the next three days is (3-4, 3-4, 3-4) feet of wave every day. So come to the surf shop if you need a longboard to play in the water. Or boogie board : /

Ok. Amigos. One day if you come here will have the opportunity of meet this angelic dog. His name is Max. So cute............... Seth is so proud of him. Armando Lopez is out.