Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the surf report with NSR! This is Parker showing you today's early morning action. Check it out!!

A lot of us scored at sunset yesterday so we were anxious to see it this morning. Conditions stayed great and will only get better as the weekend approaches!

Carl and I were observing the waves for a while until the tide filled in. He ended up making the right decision by paddling out.

Spiiiiittttt!!! Just another day in the office for Carlos Caliente.

Yeah Carl!! Nice wave, jefe!

Carl's friend, Josh, filled his quota before eating breakfast. He locked into this blue beauty. Check it!

Groomed perfection is waiting for you! I know El Nino was good to you folks out West but Nica Land can stoke you out too! Not to mention the 80 degree water and lack of crowds...

The line ups were empty until 7 or 7:30, especially the waves in between sets. Once everybody woke up, they started sniffing around for rights.

While we are enjoying the waves Nicaragua offers, I want to share a local opportunity to give back. Surf Fish Serve Ministries is a huge asset to the Las Salinas/Astillero community because they frequently distribute clean water to a dry needy area. Read this flier and they would appreciate any help you can offer.

Back at the beach, a few lefts squeezed through. If you're patient, selective, and can get down the line, you could catch one of the sickest barrels in front of the rivermouth.

Carl said he's taking vacation in a couple days. When your views look like this, why would you want to be anywhere else???

If you're still feeling out the break, take an inbetweener. They held their shape, produced a nice line, and showed some hollowness.

Or if you are looking for a less critical wave, come to the NSR shop and talk to us about other breaks. We'll send you and your crew on a surf trip that you'll remember for a long time in that cubicle.

Arya was telling her dad, Seth, how she's ready to get out and charge! A little more beach time and she'll be ripping soon (possibly harder than her dad).

Others were just watching the surf. What's better than a surf with your pops? Maybe a surf and him paying for a meal afterwards...

By that time, the crowds were getting on it. Unfortunately, this right swung north and came through untouched.

Some of the waves were quick and required a fast pop up and pump. When the swell fills in, make sure you are on your A game here!

On the other side of the rip, an unknown surfed enjoyed couple playful lefts. Be on the lookout for all the peaks up and down the beach (and where you least expect it).

The wind was super light offshore this morning and it is still good right now. Forecasts predict a light onshore breeze this afternoon so get on it now!!

Ok chicos, the swell is picking up everyday so plan accordingly. Surf now or rest up for the weekend! Thank you all for checking out the report and hasta en la manana!