Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, March 31, 2013

Everything keeps going crazy in Nicaragua for the last day of party for this Eastern Week.  The waves are still small but super fun, running about chest high on the bigger sets, the winds died down a little bit and the water warmed up a little as well.  Check it out!!!

Huge parties right in the middle of the street in San Juan del sur.  It is going off!

There is also some fun for the little kids.  The whole week has been crazy but Friday and Saturday were the busiest!

We also had a chance to play with Dagne her first pool table ever.  She did pretty well, I have to say!

Did we say something about fun waves?  This guy was getting slotted all day long!

The rights were also kinda fun.  Here we caught this unknown rider nabbing this beautiful right hander.

A few international dudes were out and they were ripping all over the place.  Check out this guy going big with a cool maneuver.

The spongers were having a blast at first peak.  Here we have this shot of this one riding this wave all the way in on his belly.

Quite a few girls were out, and they all were taking some sweet rights.  Way to go chica!

Last day of March and the waves were fun, all month long.  We are ready to start April and we are hoping to get even better waves.  Please check back tomorrow!