Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yo, Yo ,Yo! Whats happening everyone?  Thank you for checking in for your Sunday Funday surf report.  The waves were on fire again this morning.  It definitely dropped today compared to yesterday but there are still plenty of sick ones to keep everyone in here grinning ear to ear.
We had some ripping going on so come on in and check it out.

We had a bit of everything going on in the line up.  There were guys pulling into sick barrels.............

We also had guys blowing the tops off of waves...................

and guys trying to blast off,, Like I said the waves were good so you could pick and choose what you wanted to do.

Kevin Cortez from Gigante payed us a visit and just blew things up.  This is one of his many tubes of the day.

After a good bit of distance, Kevin shooting out of the same wave.

Zac was on fire as well, here's a couple of shots of a nice top turn with style and grace.

NIce turn my friend!!!

A clean little shack for this lucky explorer.  The peaks were all up and down the beach which is always nice, keeps the packs spread out.

You know Lester was out there getting some sick ones.  This has been our first big swell of the surf season so the sandbars are settling in nice and the waves were going off.

Further on down the line and Lester is still locked.  I nice hand drag can make the difference between a nice head dip or a 4 second barrel ride.

It's so nice to see more and more shoulders rather than close outs racing down the beach.  A lucky traveler enjoying a nice killable inside wave.

Okay gang, I hope you have enjoyed our report for the day. I wanted to play around with some lighting and I thought this photo of Lester was sick!!!!  I hope you agree.  I think it's time for me to go get a barrel or ten.  Check back with us tomorrow because the swell is supposed to hang around for a few days.  This is D-Lite signing off until tomorrow.  PAZ!!!!!