Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hi everyone,  Lucha Libre Garcia is back in the action with your Saturday surf report.  The waves were still small but we got to score some fun ones, winds dropped a lot and the water was a bit chilly.  Check it out!!!

It is my second day with Los Vatos Locos.  Paulo was commanding the action in the lineup with sick hacks like this one.

Ruffito was taking some nice ones as well but we are still expecting to see his best surfing.  Maybe he will surprise us when the waves get bigger.

Alejo El Mayor was working hard on his backside skills.  Smaking the lip!

And El Tocayo about to throw the lip off the back and gives Ale a nice bath.  Way to go Vato!

Quite a few other boys were ripping down the beach too.  Back angle!

And front angle, everywhere you look at there was somebody throwing buckets.  It was a day for the sprays.

Super Cana was already out when we make it to the beach.  And he was doing his thing at first peak.

That's all for today fellas.  Peace!