Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hi guys this is Juancito taking in the action for you. This morning we went to the beach and we found some fun little waves about waist to chest high with only a few takers. The wind was hard offshore and the water temperature was a little cooler than it has been but was still comfortable. Check it out!

The waves were a fun size and very good for beginners looking to work on their backside approach. Check out this guy!

Jonny from San Diego was out there ripping and turning the waist high waves into a racetrack.

La flame blanca AKA el venado blanco took advantage of the morning surf to get out from behind the video camera and catch some nuggets.

"Here's Jonny!" lining up the wave for a nice hit. Jonny caught more waves than most of the other surfers combined. I could tell he is already frothing for Friday's big swell.

Here's another surfer enjoying an early morning wedge. Nice recovery after a good turn off the top.

There were a few waves passing through the peak at the end of the beach as well. As the size drops, this spot might be a good bet for tomorrow. That's it for the report today guys. Keep shredding, have fun, and don't forget to stretch because you'll need to be limber for the bomb sets coming this weekend. Can't wait!!!