Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, March 28, 2008

Yeahh guys, as we said yesterday today we have some size sets coming through at Outter Reef. It's solid overhead on sets, the wind is offshore and the water is warm. Check out the lineup.

It's a pity that we don't have "El Monito" Solis out there today but we have a couple of local surfers charging out there. Here come Melkis "El Buitre" Sanchez on anice set wave. This guy paddled out there on his 6.2' and not using a leash, i couldn't believe it!!!

Armando "El Codo" Lopez decided to paddle out and take a couple of waves after the big party from lastnight celebrating Jairo's birthday. There he is with a cool bottom turn.

The man of the day was Manuel from Argentina, as always charging on the sikest one of the day. Check out this insame sequence, shot 1.

There he is seconds away to desappear. Shot 2.

Nice one my friend!!!

We have to mention that inside the reef was going off and nobody was out for a while. Here is a nice peak breaking with nobody on.

Later on, Cesar "El Osito" Amador made it out and was surfing by himself for 3 hours. By the way this little kid was killing it!!!

This is what i enjoy most in a big day at Outter Reef. I love the wipe outs specialty if i am not the one going over the falls. I hope you are doing well dude!!!

After a good session at Outter Reef we decided to check the right we surf yesderday and it was going off. Here is the big right wall going all the way in to the beach.

And "El Codo" Lopez was ready to charge it again. I bet everybody wants to know where it is. This is a good wall to rip it up guys!!!

Late in the afternoom we made the last call of the day to one of the longet left in Nicaragua and was alright but we had many people out. There goes Big Roy "El Gigante" with the last shot of the day. Lucha and Come Pan out!!!