Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey boys, it is Lucha Libre here with a quick update for our daily surf report.  Joe El Venado Blanco took the camera out and snapped a couple of cool shots up north.  The waves dropped a bit but there were still some fun ones rolling in, the winds were nice ofshore and the water a little chilly.  Check it out!!!

First at all we want you all to know that we are offering our BRAND NEW BIKES for rent.  There are sick and super fun to ride on around Hacienda Iguana, sweet to enjoy the beautiful nature and do a little exercise.  They are only $25 a day and $125 a week!!!

As we said before the waves got smaller but there were some nice little sections to pulled in. Pushing the breaks!!!

A couple of local kids were having a blast in the inside shore break.  Here is caught this one attaking this closed out section.

The lineup was not busy at all.  We only had about 5 or 6 guys out taking advantage of the lineup.  Picking up a nice one by the river mouth!


There were a few international guys pig doggin' on some nice sections.  About to get some shade! 

Quite a few international kids were also having a good time in the inside.  Small but cool snap right in front of his friend! 

That's all for today folks.  Please check back tomorrow!