Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hey everyone! Welcome to another daily surf report comin' at you from an undisclosed location in Nicaragua!  Waves were running at a solid head high this morning, slightly bigger on the sets.  Water is super refreshing and the wind was light offshore. Everyone was catching fun waves today and having a great time out in the water, check it out!

This is Colin, ripping a big backside hack on the inside of this right. You can see another good wave setting up in the background.

Here's an unknown surfer grabbing rail and setting up for some tube time. With the tide not too full, there were a bunch of waves that were opening wide!

Looking down the beach there were some macking sets coming through. If you look close you can see a surfer trying to catch the shoulder of this screamin' righthander.

Back in front, Steve Snyder was pickin' off some good set waves.  Beach-breaks can often be unpredictable, but Steve lives here and he knows this wave as well as anybody. 

A good surf session isn't complete without a good wipeout or two.  This guy looks like he was practicing his reverse somersault.  You've gotta pay to play sometimes!

This dude was staying high and tight on this left.  Drop in and pull in seemed to be the way to surf this wave today!

There was also the occasional snap or hack.  Here is another unknown surfer, displacing some water!

Even if you weren't surfing, it was a perfect day to chill on the beach.  The setting here is incredible... The land will go directly from beach to mountains. If you listen close you can almost here the cracking open of an ice cold tona.

This guy was staying crouched, tight, and ready for this wave to drain.  One of the better sized set waves of the morning.  Now that's a sick wave!

Another unknown surfer on another perfect wave! This is all for today.. Time to go get some of these myself!  This has been Eric with your Sunday report, thanks for checking us out and stay tuned, the waves are going to be fun all week!