Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, March 26, 2020

Welcome back to the daily surf report from Nica-Land. Woke up early this morning to get the dawn patrol session, looked toward Panga then looked toward Colorado..

Playa Colorado grabbed my attention as soon as I looked her way, I didn't want to stare.. so I took some pictures cause they last longer.

After a set I decided I had to get closer to capture the true beauty of this darling wave peeling off in the dawn light.

With the swell starting to fill in and moderate offshore winds blowing there were plenty of chances for the few guys out to crouch down and get slotted.

The dogs were enjoying running around the beach this morning, there must have been more dogs then people out on the sand this morning.

With the winds kicking lately we've had a bit of upwelling bringing some colder water temps.. and by cold I'm referring to low 70's ;p

Rainbow barrel spits!! Geez the ocean is breathtaking!

Hot Carl joined the party and didn't waste time setting up a sick backside floater. I can understand why he decided to call this magical place home, offshore winds and waves year round for the win.

Thank you for visiting the green room, we hope you come back soon! Haahah

Think it would be safe to say everybody that got in the water this morning was having a great start to the day.

Not everyone had to get in the water to have a great morning though. I just can't help but smile looking at this pic. Happiness is contagious, spread joy to someone today. If not in person (social distancing) maybe send a nice message to your grandma or a friend.

Is that Big Scott? Yeeew buddy, just the start of this swell and it's looking good.

Eugenia brought Chewie and Leia down for a walk on the beach and looks like Chewie smells some more waves coming.

Or maybe it was the Grom shredders he smelled coming up, Yuji and Koji with some before school P.E.

Yuji dropping in on a clean right, 12 years old and getting barreled this kid is gonna be a ripper! Go give him a follow @yujisart

Stay Psyched!!! Super rad to watch the boys this morning! Idk how he's gonna concentrate on school today knowing these are just a few mins walk away.

Here is Yuji's big brother Koji showing what some healthy competition between brothers looks like. Give him a follow @kojiged to see more sports, adventure, fun, nature, and death by tacos.

Looks so nice and cozy all tucked in. Safe to say the kids stole the show this morning.

Same wave, second tuck in, Koji was super slotted on this one.

They say the early bird catches the worm, and today was evidence of that. I think I'll have a perma-grin stuck on my mug for the rest of the day, and I didn't even paddle out yet. With everybody stuck inside around the world and police issuing citations in my hometown to surfers and joggers at the beach the blessing of having this beautiful stretch of sand open for us does not go unappreciated. If you'd like to peruse the real estate available check out our listings here .. you never know the next time you may need to make an escape from a zombie apocalypse or the next worldwide crisis. Take care of each other, spread joy, love, and happiness. Adios amigos.