Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 20, 2021

Welcome to the freakin' weekend! Another beautiful Saturday here in Nica and although the swell has dropped a bit there always seems to be waves if you go looking.

You could bring out some of the small wave gear and get down on a wavestorm or..

Perfect day for a surf lesson, the water is warming up and the sun is shining bright.

These lovely ladies catching some shade from the mid-day sun and watching the surf lessons cheering on their little grom surfers. Yeeeeeew! Stoked!

Carlito getting down on the boogey out there charging like a raging bull.

A few more years and they'll be shredding it up like this guy.

Surfing = Stoked Just take a look at Yuji's face as he rides this wave towards his bro.

The surfer's version of a water balloon fight or super soaker battle, spraying your buddies off the lip as they paddle out. Got 'em!!

Got that backside snap on point out there, it was starting to get pretty windy and the waters were pretty chopped up but shredders gonna shred.

I'm guessing it will be the last couple weeks of neoprene being used in the lineup as the water is starting to warm up and the winds are gonna mellow out it will feel real nice to trunk it.

Okay guys and gals thank you for swinging by and checking out our little stretch of coastline here on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. It will be an epic season so check out the rentals and make a booking so you can be here scoring with us, there are a couple extra hoops to jump through with Covid but the process is simple and BOOM your'e here living in a dream.