Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hola amigos, we've got the NSR Family here with a quick update for your Thursday surf report.  The waves were small, running in the waist high range, winds were strong offshore and the water a little cold.  Check out the lineup!

Nice benders were rolling in and nobody was on them when we got to the beach.  Would you like to get some?

As you can see the rights were holding up pretty good, and there was nobody on it either.  Rex just a few seconds away from fun.

Rex La Bestia Calderon got out and he instantly started shredding.  On his backside!

And on his frontside.  Going over a few beginners in the inside section!

We were so glad to watch the dance of a few whales in the lineup.  If you have a chance to go on a boat this time of the year, just do it because you might be able to see them closer.