Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thanks to everybody who participated in yesterday's poll.  39% of you read the detailed itinerary and correctly guessed that Jeff Soderlind is our B-day boy today.  I should note that Jake Gyllenhaal came in a close 2nd at 24% and Kristin Moss was third at 18%.  Only a few of you thought that it was Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.  True to his word, he did bring his big-girl-panties and he did get barreled.  Here is a photo to prove it (thanks to Surfari Charters for sending the photo).  Happy Bday Georgie.  We'll definitely give you a shout the next time we need an event planner!

Got up a bit later today, hoping to score better waves with the incoming tide.  The Philly/Jersey crew and I drove up a little to check this spot out and we got our reward.  The waves were super fun, running about chest to head high with a couple over head waves on sets, the winds were decent strong and the water quite a bit chilly.  Check it out!!!

Lefts and rights were rolling in all over and everybody had a blast out there.  All the local guys were going left so my boys decided to take advantage on some of the better rights of the day.  DeacaJimike killed it today and here is this shot as a proof.

Jason is caught here laying his tail and weight down to get back to the lip with a cool round house.  That Steward was doing the job very well.

Jay trying to generate more speed and make it into the barrel section.  These guys were so stoked because they really scored and had a good time.

Zimmo took his huge panga out and also got able to ride some fun ones.  His family should be so proud of him, looking this shot.

The last shot of this crew goes to my good buddy Lyle “Hittman” Hitt racing down the line of this sweet right hander.  As my buddy Jay said, he was going 100 miles per hour!!!

It was very nice to have you guys down here again, hope to meet you next year.  Deacachimba Philly and Jersey!!!

As I said before the locals were only going left.  This is Zamir finding himself into a small but nice little shack in the inside section.

Sometimes surfing at this spot can be very dangerous if you do not know where to go.  Does anybody have a spare set of fins for this little kid?

Are you checking my picture babe?  Because I am checking yours.  By the way, it was nice to meet you!

The sequence of the day belongs to Mike “El Peloncitto”.  We just got a sick brand new camera and I love it.  Now you guys will be able to get even better shots.  This could be your sequence this year.

Shot 2, there is a lot of power on that turn.

Shot 3, nice and quick camera.  It is only took him like a second to make this turn.

Shot 4, dammmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Shot 5, I do not even have to tell you that Mike was ripping it up.

Here is Erick “El Tribilin” lighter than ever, getting ready to paddle out and have fun.  Hola muchacho!!!

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  Please make sure to check us back tomorrow.

Hey everybody, this is Eric comin' at you with a couple of water shots that I snapped earlier. This is Jenny fresh from California on this sweet wave. The water was perfect and a refreshing escape from the hot sun! Nice wave Jenny!

Jenny and her husband Chris (pictured here) took the quick flight south to Nicaragua for a nice getaway. They are both super stoked to strip out of their wetsuits and hang in their bathing suits all day! Chris was carving this wave up!