Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 13, 2021

It's the weekend surf report for this sunny Saturday afternoon, the high tide lately has been providing some fun waves and today was no exception.

The local boys were out there ripping up the faces of these waves.

Putting in the work year round here in Nica improves the quality of your surf so well because there are always waves.

Even if you don't surf it is a perfect place to soak the sun while you sip some mimosas and watch the show.

Derek is an honorary local here and he definitely puts in that work all year round out there in the surf.

Couple of chicas out in the water sharing some waves with the boys and sharing this party wave together.

Staying stoked is easy when you get good waves and warm water.. just look at that smile!

Forecast is looking like fun waves for the week ahead so keep the fingers crossed we stay scoring like usual.

Kevin looks ready for the season to start and appears to be in prime form to put on an exhibition of how to surf these waves.

Alright folks thanks for cruising by and checking out the surf report! Hoping you get a chance to get out in the water and enjoy some of these tasty waves. We'll see you back here same place tomorrow. Adios amigos.