Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, March 12, 2017

Buenas a todos!  Welcome to a fresh edition of NSR’s daily surf report!  This is Eric bringing you today’s action from the beautiful Pacific coast of Nicaragua!  The waves are running waist to chest high, with steady offshore winds all day, and a chilly water temperature. Check out the shots!~

Early this morning there was not a single surfer in the water! I guess everyone stayed up too late last night and missed today’s morning session!

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I left the waves to break all alone and headed back a little later on this afternoon! The conditions were similar but this time we had some folks enjoying the ocean’s energy! I spotted Scott setting his line on this beautiful left!

Matteo was out there finding some good ones! There was a little bit of a crowd but he was finding some peaks all to himself.

Lefts and rights were coming in consistently, the sun was out in full force with brief moments of relief from the partial cloud cover.. There was another place to find some shade, as is available almost everyday at this break!

Same fella as the last shot, ripping a turn on the inside and spraying the foam all over the place!

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Even though the tide was getting high, the waves were still opening up nicely on the sandbar! No worries about pulling in to close outs when the bottom is nice and soft!

The Kersons were out enjoying the ocean. JJ we’re missing you down here buddy! Hey who’s watching little brownie?!

This hombre took hold of his rail and was looking like he was in the right spot at the right time!

The ocean had another idea for this guy though! At least you got to check out the view for a quick second amigo!

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A couple boats pulled up and unloaded some surfers. No worries, there were enough waves to go around!

I’ll sign us off today with another shot of the lineup early this morning! What a difference when there is nobody surfing! Thanks for tuning in with us today people! Looks like we are expecting a small swell on a Tuesday! Stay tuned and we’ll bring you all the action right from the beach! Paz, Amor, y Olas!