Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 11, 2017

Que pasa amigos, its another beautiful Saturday here at NSR’s radical backyard full of swell and salt! This is Jess coming at you today with the righteous ways of sharing the waves. So lets get to it..The swell conditions for today are prime time, a light off-shore wind, for a nice little back spray and some sweet right and left barrels spittin out tha GAP.

This hombre was cruisin’ in the oceans potion by himself this early morning getting fresh pickins, coming out the lefts for some fun rides! What about slapping the wave for a little finger spray, ey?

Lets give a shout out to Tim Walker way down at the reef taking a nice set wave! The reef had more size with some long rides all the way in!

Right on little dude throw up those hands, way to catch your first wave of the day! Everyone remember the first time you got up on a board, making moves and feeling good, woot woot!

This photo may be the wave of the day with an imaginary surfer riding the barrel, man look at that back spray, I bet this hombre entering the water was thinking ‘perfect timing’

Up at the NSR shop you can find all sorts of goods to keep you stoked! Pick up a surfboard, a water bottle, some fresh NSR gear, and grab a moto or scotter! Everything you need to cruise the community and hit up the beach in style!

While staying in beautiful Iguana, take a walk around and explore some nature, you just may be spotted by our friends in the trees..some times monkeys, a sloth, or in this case a beautiful hawk.

Here’s an amigo swingin’ in on a nice right with a sweet back spray, Mmm mm gotta love those waves with the spray!

Another perfect left right out back of the NSR Beach House, that amigo is paddling hard to go catch the next left! Go amigo Go!

Deep blue ocean, deep barrels, fast ride, big spray! What more could you ask for?! This is surfers paradise my friends.

Some underestimate the ‘tiny’ ones. But I like to tell’ em to just work on their squats. I threw Eric his board and told him to take some waves and make them his. Clearly he’s been working on his squats.

Squats do the legs good and make for some nice mini barrels, Eric making another nice left, good thing I told you to go get in the ocean and slay some waves.

So now that I made you want to go grab your board and hit the Playa. Be sure to stop by the NSR shop to say Hi! And in my personal opinion if you want the lowdown on where to get a bite to eat for breakfast hit up Pilis Cafe for a decadent Acai bowl, you won’t want to share. And tonights special at Cafe Ananas is Pizza… who doesn’t like a nice pie after getting pitted all day! Adios, this girl is out!