Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hey folks. From time to time we come across really amazing surf property deals. This one is still be the BEST one of the year. This is a 4 bedroom/3.5bath house with guest cottage located inside the gates of Hacienda Iguana just a five minute walk from Playa Colorado. The house is only 2 years old and still in immaculate shape. This property is now being offered at the FIRESALE price of $215,000. This is far below the cost to buy a lot and build a comparable house. For details and more photos email us at [email protected]

Hola chicos, this is Juancito here at Playa Colorodo. The waves today are about head high with some well overhead sets coming through. The wind continues strong offshore and the water is still chilly from upwelling. Wave shape is good with some makable tubes and open faces. These pictures are from about 2 hours before low tide.

We went to the NSR house at Playa Colorodo to check in on some guests and this was the view from the entrance.

The boys were stoked on their dawn session as waves continued to roll through.

As the tide dropped, the tubes got a little heavier and closed out.

Here's another surfer showing his pigdog at Colorodos.

Some waves offered faces to paint throughout the low tide. This is all from me, el Duendecito from our favorite beach in Nicaragua. Miguel should be checking in with you a little later with the report from down south.

What’s up folks?  This is Miguel Mora bringing you all the action for this Sunday surf report.  We went to the beach in the afternoon trying to catch some fun waves.  It was running about waist chest high on sets with strong onshore winds and the water was a little chilly.  Check out the lineup!!!

We had a couple people having a good time.  They are very happy drinking a cold beer water and coca cola and taking a break.

Today we had a few beginners trying to stand up on their big pangas.  Here we have one of them riding on the white water and had fun.

The lineup was commanding for the international surfers today.  This is our new friend Mateo dropping in on this nice sized wave one of the better waves that he caught this afternoon.  Good job my friend!

The waves were small bur super fun, here we have this guy walking to the lineup just seconds to paddle out and getting some fun waves.

Meanwhile a few guys was surfing another people decided take their book and had fun.  Check out this beautiful girl enjoying of this beautiful and sunny day reading this book.

When we arrived to the beach this afternoon we found a few friends for the town having a good time.  This is Martin “La Quecha” taking a good shade and drinking some cold beers.

Alright folks that’s all for today.  Please check back with us tomorrow!