Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Hola amigos! How’s it going?? This is Hotsticks checking in for a mid week report of fun surf in the Tola area of Nicaragua. Check out our shots primos!

Before we went for a morning surf, we had a couple errands to run. No problem, Calala was the chauffeur. The Kerson family (well, if we are going to be honest, really just Peter) picked up this beautiful babe a week ago and she’s been melting our hearts since.

We hit Giezi’s shop: Riderz Ding Repair and GA Surfboards. Check out a couple shots from around his place (then we’ll show you some waves!).

As you can see, everybody in the area trusts his work. If your board gets a ding (see @nicaslams), he is the guy to talk to. As a side note, it’s awesome to see his business take off and him grow into a community leader. A couple years ago, him and his family were fixing boards in a shed. Now, they have an entire shop and all the locals stand behind their work!! Felicidades hermano!

A fair number of locals and residents are now riding his custom shapes: GA Surfboards. With almost 8 years in the business and the trust of the local surf community, sign me up bro!! Our home break is a heavy wave that consumes boards so get it double glassed.

Let’s talk about surf etiquette for a minute. How many boards do you count? I see 7 boards plus one travel bag. How would you like it if 9 people rocked up to your home break? I’m not sure if this group is a repeat offender but to give them the benefit of the doubt, I won’t post their name. Let’s not even mentioned the selfie stick that was thrust out their car window…

Alright, enough errands… back to the waves! We checked a couple spots but there wasn’t too much going on so I shot the reef break. Keep scrolling down my friends.

If you’ve been hibernating in a hole and haven’t heard of Kevin Cortez, you should check him out. He’s one the locals who rips the hardest.

Putting his board on rail or setting a rail in the tube, he will impress you. I knew I could call him Huodini in the barrel but I didn’t know he could disappear behind his own spray.

One impressive trait about this muchacho is how much he packs into each wave. Take my word for it… maybe next time I’ll put up all 5 turns and prove it.

This spot can be a tricky temperamental wave- it shows a new face at every tide and direction (not to mention the currents and wind too). It’ll be even tougher to figure out when your buddies are looking in the wrong direction.

A barrel?! Under today’s conditions?!? No complaints!!! It isn’t a gapping hole but it’s still something to make you smile.

This wave does have a little tubito in some spots though… Many Tonas have been consumed in the Casa Blanca pool while watching that peak.

As for today, we’ll go find a couple skatey waves to enjoy. Some rights should roll through and produce a rippable face. We’re hanging tight for a fresh pulse late this weekend through early next week!!

Ok damas and caballeros, time to wrap up today’s report and start thinking about a lunch time surf. If you hadn’t already noticed, all photos were shot from Casa Blanca. You can see more photos on the vacation rentals tab but you’ll have to come try Suyen’s delicious meal plan for yourself. Thank you all for checking out today’s shots. Nos vemos pronto amigos!!