Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, March 08, 2013

Hola amigos, this is Lucha Libre Garcia with your Friday surf report.  We had another nice push in the swell today and we had lots of fun waves rollin' in.  Head high waves on the bigger sets, quite strong offshore winds and cold water.  Check it out!

We had some sick lefts and rights coming in and this guy was in the right spot to score some nice ones.  Way to go buddy!

If you are coming down make sure to bring a nice wetsuit with you because the water is pretty cold. Pull into that thing muchacho and you might get warmer.

The lineup hasn't been busy in a while, but we did have a few guys taking some fun ones.  Check out this guy trying to make it through this section.

The left down the river mouth was showing us some potential today.  Sick peak, uh!

We had a few rippers taking advantage in the inside.  How about this one smaking the lip of this little nugget?

More waves on tap for tomorrow so stay tuned with us!