Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 07, 2015

Holla!!!! the surf contes is over. Check it all the actions from the second day.

All the competitors arrived in time from San Juan Del Sur. After a great night life in town, all the competitors find this kinda of waves. Small, windy and super cold water. Sound bad, but in definitive this is the test for the Nicaraguan surfers to put more level in the surf. Surfing every kinda of waves.

The only wave have a barrel come to Chocoyo one of our crew. This it how we do. Chocoyo pull in to this wave like no to many competidors could do it.

Rex (La Bestia Calderon) come like his always do. Put the limit in every heat. Intimidate a his opositor with nice vivra, but technically and aggressive surf tricks.

The Resano girls electrocute all the place with her impresionante surf. All the people is looking this two little girls ( What come out of the Pandora box). Big waves, cuts and barrels. What this girls not can do?

We have the Mater category this year and our good friend David El pelon (Osiris) was blessed with this waves. Showing how a forty years old man can go vertical and landing in waves like this one.

Like our best grown Andy. He is growing in one of our promise for the future of surf in Nicaragua. he is our promise for a Central American Champion.

When I think about good competitors, radical, disciplined and one of the best surfers in the Nation. I think in this young man Jackson Obando. Check his moved.

In this surf contest we have the honor of have to Enox Sanchez, he reside in Costa Rica but he born in Nicaragua and he is good surfer in that country and come to shared with all his COMPA some of his surf experience. Bienvenido amigo.

In the final this man here( Rex Calderon ) was looking for the victory. He score some good point with solid tricks and fluid style.

In two meters long he hits couple time this wave in front one of the others competitors. Just showing how good it is his executions of every trick.

After the competition. I went for a beer and I find this crew of friend, we call (La Gallada) Eddy Lion and his friends go to servers a bunch of beers in this festival. How many do you think all of this expert drinker can sell to the thirsty people.

Valentina Resano Keep like the indiscutible first place in the woman category. Check how stoke this girls are.

David El Pelon is the first place in the Master category. Dexter and El Mainar were the others challenge for this Category and i think in the next four year I will be ready for stand up next to you guys.

The sub-16 were dominant for this little boy here. (El Niño) and that other one big Samoan kid El Guere from Rancho Santana team. Check how proud he it's with his sponsor t-shirt.

The Sub-18. This gentelman here El Chele Jackson number one and our golden boy Oscar Espinosa second place in all the Nation. Thanks NSR for sponsored and we make this real. We are proud of are team, was another good start for us this year and we want to say. Muchas Gracias.

ASI ES!!!!!!! Rex Calderon is the winner of this first surf contest. Congratulations Bro. sean Person exploit the celebration, was a great celebration on the podium. Was a amazing time here in Hermosa beach and now is time come back home.  Isn't without tell you be checking the surf report tomorrow and the next surf contest soon in Chinandega Beach. Armando lopez is oooouuuuuutttt!!!!!!