Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, March 07, 2013

Hi there, this is Lucha Libre Garcia with a super late report.  El Codo Lopez grabbed the camera again and made it to the beach, hopping to find some people out there.  Head high waves on the bigget sets, quite strong offshore winds and COLD WATER.  Check out the lineup!

A few guys made it out but not many of them were taking waves.  The water is so cold that they can not even move.  Bring the wetsuits down folks!

We made it over the beach break expecting to get some people surfing but it was almost empty.  Anybody would love to have this wave all to themself, not when the water is that cold and you don't have some rubber to keep you warm. 

The right was pretty fun as you can see.  And NOBODY was on it.  What a shame!

No kidding you folks, nobody was taking waves.  Check out the left barreling all the way in to the beach.

Jorge paddled out for a little while and he was the only that actually rode a few waves today.  Way to go Jorge!

Old SW swell fades further as new SW swell slowly builds. Overall surf will be down from earlier in the week at most areas.  Please check back tomorrow!