Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hi everybody, this is Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia bringing you the Saturday surf report.  Today we went to the beach expecting to catch some waves, but it was pretty hard to stay on them because it was so windy.  The water was also freezing today- around 60 degrees.  We still took out the longboards and gave it a shot.  Check out what we got!!!

The good thing is that the water is crystal clear and it would be a good idea to take the spear gun out and catch some fish.  Our good friend Lucas “El Pelucas” wanted to take advantage of the clear water so he jumped out in and got a parrot fish.  It looks like he’s going to have a killer ceviche for dinner tonight.

Pancho Sanchez and Hace Queso took the big boards out today because they wanted to ride a few fun waves.  They didn’t count that the wind was blowing g over 70 kph this morning and they almost took the airplane back to Florida from the beach.  Check out Hace Queso’s board off the ground and you can see how strong the wind was.

The Ergo family came down last year and they put their logo everywhere.  It’s Ergo time out here at the beach today.  Maybe they sent their cameras down here to check out how the surf is going.

The wind didn’t stop Hace Queso because she was able to stand up on a few rideable waves.  She only stayed out for about 15 minutes because she didn’t resist the cold water.  Good job my friend!!!

The NSR office just moved into our new building and IT IS SWEET.  We are located in San Juan del Sur, 50 meters north, right behind Texaco gas station.  If you are in San Juan del Sur please stop by and say.  The waves and wind are supposed to be the same for the next 2 days and hopefully the wind will die down at the end of the weekend when the new swell comes.