Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, March 07, 2008

Hi folks, we are Jairo and Roberto reporting from out here at Maderas. It's running about waist to chest high on sets, the wind is offshore and the water is clear. The weather conditions are really good right now, we have some waves to ride or you can even go diving or swimming for a while. Chek it out.

The water is clear so we wanted to take advantage and took the spear fishing stuff out. Here is "La Prenda" Carcamo getting ready to jump out in the water with his sexy wetsuit. Hey Prenda, next time you have to suck your stomach in if you want to look better on photos my friend.

"La Bestia" Calderon is never worried about size wave because he can surf every single wave, especially at Maderas. Here he is practicing hard for the upcoming contest in Panama, by the way WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Meanwhile some of our friends were surfing and diving "El Codo" Lopez decided to take the day off after a long week of hard work at Casa Feliz. There he is resting on the beach, have a sweet dream buddy!!!

Lots of chicks were hanging out on the beach posing to the camera. Jairo was more than happy to take some shots and share them with you on NSR. Here are the D-Ash flirting out.

"El Mope" Miranda got back to the action and was shredding all over the place. This guy is going to Salvador next month to participate in the Quiksilver Pro, so he's working hard to be in good shape for this event.

Oliver "El Jamon de Mono" Solis was having so much fun out there as always. There he is with a sweet spray. This guy almost have fun out there even with the small waves.

Pancho Sanchez was the man today, he went diving and scored some good fish for dinner. He got a Parrot Fish, Cobre and a sweet grouper to have a sick ceviche before to go out and party.

Alright folks, that's all for today.