Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 06, 2021

Good morning, good afternoon, good night, whatever time you're checking us out it's all good. There is a bit of action out front today and just a handful of surfers out in the lineup.

Just checking out both sides of the beach for the surf before pulling the trigger on the winning side is a normal course of action for the morning routine.

Nice crew of guys out for the dawn patrol rooting eachother on into the waves.

Some long slopey peelers good for nice long rides and the only bad part.. the paddle back out haha

Big roundhouse cutbacks on tap this morning allowing the wave to catch up and put yourself back in the pocket.

Okay time to go sniffing out some different waves, I got a feeling these doggos are on to something.

Oh yeah! Man's best friend always looking out for his human companions.

Still lots of wind but not too much that you can't catch some fun waves with whatever board you got around.

Surf, Golf, Volleyball. Life in Iguana is full of healthy activities.

Taking a stroll down the beach soaking in the warm sun rays as you dip your toes in the cooling Pacific Ocean.

Lots of empty waves just begging for someone to make good use of them.

Just like that, Gavin knows how to handle the waves out there as good as anyone. Okay thanks for checking out the Saturday Surf report, make sure you get out of the house this weekend and do something to get that heart rate up. Adios amigos see you next time.