Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, March 06, 2006

Oh yeah, we've got our first waves on the way down here in Nicaragua. Today, we've got an increasing swell in the water. It was solid head high with some overhead sets this evening. These shots are from this morning - Mr. Brown, going backside, right out in front of the NSR Casita.

Here is a great evening shot sent in from Jan at Casa Ensueno. This photo was shot from his porch - not a bad place to stay if you make the trip down.

It just wouldn't feel right without a barrel sequence from Mr. Brown. He enjoyed this dawn patrol session solo - not a soul in sight. Shot 1

Mr. Brown, Shot 2.

Shot 3.

Shot 4.

Shot 5. (Yes, Mr. Brown gets some travel time.)

But then he gets... CLIPPED!!! HAAAAAA!!!!!!! Happens to the best of us Mr. Brown.

Here's another killer shot from Casa Ensueno. Watching the lines come in.