Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 03, 2007

Welcome to the saturday surf report from Maderas. So, today nobody was worried about the waves and nobody even made it to the surf because we had a tons of fish in the water and all the locals fisherman didn't aloud nobody to jump out, a couple of surfos made it out but they didn't take any wave because they were afraid to see all those fish around. It's waist to chest high on sets and the wind is offshore.

So, we didn't surf today but we had a good fishing day. There were many kind of fish such us: Jurel, Roosterfish, Makarel, Robalo and millions of bates around jumping on your body.

Today we play our last soccer game of the league, trying to get third place and we did it. We won the game 3-2 and this is a shot of the final game, at the end the final scored was 1-0. That's a good final game.